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best place to buy kamagra online Somabay offers an unparalleled opportunity for beginners and advanced divers alike to wonder at the beautiful sea life and fantastic sites at its renowned house reef that is accessible via a 420 meter long jetty that stretches over a kilometer. The jetty extends directly from the Dive Center to the reef that is serviced by electric cars that are available for carrying equipment (and divers!) for effortless access to the reef. A fleet of dive boats access the many beautiful dive sites in the Safaga region from the Somabay Marina. The dive sites in this area have the advantage of being considerably less crowded that those found elsewhere in the Red Sea and include coral gardens, walls, drop-offs and wrecks suitable for all levels of experience.

generic cialis india Somabay offers exclusive diving and personalized service. Our purpose-built diving center is one of the largest and most well-equipped in the Red Sea. For both beginners training and advanced courses, Orca’s team of international and professional instructors provide unparalleled training to ensure you can explore the reef with ease and safety. A large turquoise-blue lagoon lies at the front of the reef and provides sheltered waters ideal for training. The team brings their specialist technical diving skills to offer IANTD and NRC facilities including rebreather training and try dives.

Our Dive Center affords the most effortless diving experiences on the coast. In addition to its unparalleled courses, the well-equipped center is always fully stocked with top-of-the-line gear and accessories. There’s no need for divers to carry heavy equipment on long-distance travel. Our shop, “The Shark’s Bite”, offers retail sales of Mares scuba and snorkeling equipment, equipment rental, scuba equipment repair and air fills. The center also boasts an in-house photo and video facility with skilled photo pros on staff to meet all the needs of the avid underwater photographer or videographer. The diving center also offers spacious changing facilities and showers, classrooms with AV equipment, a bar and personal lockers.

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On its eastern coastline, Somabay’s House Reef extends from Shaab Saiman at the North headland to the Southern tip of Ras Abou Soma, or “Bay Point”. This several kilometer long house reef is teeming with a wide assortment of marine life.

A few meters from the tip of the peninsula is one of the jewels of Somabay: Tubya Arbaa. Although the Arabic name refers to the number “four”, there are actually seven pillars of coral rising from the sandy bottom. Anthias and basslets cover soft Corals and the occasional napoleon, puffer fish, dozens of lionfish and a large potato cod can be seen there. This is a beautiful dive, yet relatively shallow at 20 meters.

The two other fabulous dives on the northern tip of Somabay’s House Reef, Ras Umm Hesiwa and Shaab Saiman, are both open to weather conditions. In good conditions, you can see all the fish you could hope for from Morays to whitetips, crocodile fish to barracudas and sharks. Ras Umm Hesiwa is the headland north of Somabay.

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Other famous dive spots in the area are only a short boat trip away. Of those, Panorama Reef and Abou Kafan are particularly impressive. Panorama Reef is a huge coral formation – its walls dropping to over 100 meters with numerous grottos and overhangs, gorgonians and soft corals. Marine life is abundant with schools of surgeon fish, barracuda, unicorn fish, whitetips, grey reefs, eagle rays and turtles.

Abou Kafan is a long, narrow reef barrier featuring a plateau to both the north and the south, offering superb wall diving with soft and black coral, giant fan coral and gorgonians. Marine life abounds here with large tunas and barracudas and hundreds of the usually solitary glasseyes. Turtles are common and grey reefs and silvertips are seen occasionally with hammerheads usually cruising by in late summer.

Other great dives include: Hal Hal, Shaab Shehr, The Tubyas, The Gamuls and of course, The Salem Express Wreck.

buy real cialis online Snorkeling

If you don’t dive, then there’s still plenty to keep you occupied at Somabay with a choice of enticing snorkeling sites, most of which are easily accessible straight from shore. The jetty takes you directly to one of the best snorkeling experiences. From here you can snorkel south to the tip of Bay Point and watch plenty of marine life and beautiful multicolored coral formations.

Other shore-based snorkeling routes include a crescent-shaped string of coral clusters from the eastern tip of Robinson Club’s beach to Bay Point. There are also a number of snorkeling sites that can be reached by a short boat trip. These include Tubya El-Hamra, Tubya El-Beida, all within fifteen minutes by boat. Also, the jewel that is Tubya Arbaa (our seven coral towers), lying only a few hundred meters off Bay Point.

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